Post-Concert Reflections

November 17th, 2013 Debra Mann


What a great night

I can hardly believe that a whole month has passed since my Joni Mitchell 70th Birthday Tribute Concert (and live recording) at the Narrows Center for the Arts on October 17, 2013, and what a fantastic night it was!  All of my hard work paid off.  My heart was filled with joy and gratitude, and I felt richly blessed. The band sounded awesome, the audience was fantastic, attentive and appreciative. They were so moved by the music of Joni Mitchell.  We even received a standing ovation!  The venue was superb to perform in, and the grand piano was tuned for me on the day of the concert.  And, little things, like being treated to dinner, and having a “green” room with fresh fruit and bottled water for the band, all added to the feeling of being truly appreciated as an artist.


Post concert blues

After such a wonderful night, it is often the case to feel a kind of post-concert high. However, surprisingly, I found myself feeling more like the post-concert blues. It was odd.  I began wondering if other musicians and performers ever feel this way after a big concert. I doubt if I am the only one to have experienced this phenomenon.  I think the reason I might have felt this way is because I had poured so much of myself into preparing for the concert, and when it was over, it was over, and I felt a sense of emptiness.  I clearly needed to regroup and move on.


Bouncing back

It took more time for me to bounce back than I care to admit, but inevitably, I did. The creative path involves a great deal of self-evaluation and reflection, which ultimately helps to fuel our creativity.  But, sometimes, this self-evaluation can be overwhelming (because artists can be extremely self-critical).  At other times, it is rich with inspiration.  Either way, Life inevitably propels us to keep going, to be better, to continue doing what we love to do, and sharing it with others. These lyrics to a favorite song of mine nicely sums up my feelings, “So, Here’s to Life”!



Here’s to Life (song lyrics)

By: Phyllis Molinary, Arthur Butler, Artie Butler


“So, Here’s to Life, and every joy it brings.

Here’s to life, to dreamers and their dreams.

May all your storms be weathered,

and all that’s good get better.

Here’s to Life.

Here’s to Love,

and Here’s to you.”





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